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The Resident & The Ray of Sunshine in Ray White Lower North Shore Group, William Scambler

By Jake Wilson

In light of World Down Syndrome Day on 21st March, our team is thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of our most invaluable and esteemed members in the Mosman office: William Scambler.

With over 3 years of experience at Ray White Lower North Shore Group, William plays an integral role in the Urban Living team, assisting with open homes and tracking the team’s performance. From being a ‘work-experience kid’ to becoming a real estate specialist, his journey symbolises growth, professionalism, and unwavering positivity.

If you’ve attended one of the Urban Living open inspections, you’ve likely been greeted by William’s warm and genuine smile, making you feel like a true friend.

His contagious smile is our Wednesday Delight, as he brightens up the office with his presence and ensures to greet everyone with enthusiasm.

We’re proud to witness and be a part of William’s growth over the years. Let’s hear what everyone has to say about him:

“Willie, Willliam, John, The king of Mosman,

I am not sure what to call you these days as you have nearly as many nicknames as you do Footy teams that you go for. I just wanted to let you know a few things.

I count myself very lucky that I have had the opportunity at first to work with you and from that become great friends. It amazes me how much you have grown from the “work experience kid” when you first stepped through these doors into the young professional business man you are today. Whenever I am having a bad week I always know that come Wednesday your big smile will brighten it up, even though I pretend to still be grumpy haha. One thing that amazes me is how you remember every single person’s name you meet, it is such a rare quality that people possess and it truly makes everyone you meet and say hi to feel special, if only there were more people like you in this world. I have enjoyed so many things with you over the years, going to sport matches and the beach our love of Star Wars and sport (except AFL, you will never get me to like it) and our mini disco sessions in the car on the way to appointments. I also really really like having Sunday lunches at your house but next time you are cooking. You might be the slowest mover in the world and the biggest sleeper ever but I wouldn’t change you for anything. I love you mate and I look forward to us becoming big businessmen together and you being the best uncle for Wolfie and Zelda.”

Jake Wilson, Senior Sales Advisor, Urban Living

“Will’s energy, enthusiasm and sales skills are unmatched! Over the past few years, Will has grown into a very confident sales assistant, helping us greatly with clients and at open homes. What hasn’t changed about him is how awesome he is at making friends, he knows everyone! Will, I just wanted to say we are so thankful to work with you every week and that makes Wednesday our favourite day just because we get to see you. Look forward to our next occasional team outing to Sushi Train or the Football!”

Samuel Petrou, Senior Sales Advisor, Urban Living

“At my interview for this role, I had the pleasure of meeting Will. Despite being warned that meeting the whole team might be ‘a bit intimidating,’ Will greeted me with his infectious smile, instantly making me feel at ease. Each day, Will arrives at work radiating joy, greeting everyone with a warm hug and brightening our days. Though I’ve only known him for a short time, it feels like i’ve known him for years. Will has a heart of pure kindness, setting an example for all of us. Working with him on our social videos is always a blast – he’s truly a legend!”

Stephanie Desa Pesic, Client Services Manager, Urban Living

“Will’s big smile and zest for life are what I love most about him. He glues the Urban Living team together and holds the boys accountable. Keep it up Will, you’ve come so far all these years with us! Most importantly, keep on bringing that huge smile and enthusiasm.”

Sam Horwitz, COO

“Whenever Will comes to greet the team he always puts a smile on everyone in Property Management. I remember vividly he called us his family at the Christmas party a few years ago and I’m glad Will feels this way about us. Will, so happy to see you grow from assisting in Property Management to being a core part of Urban Living sales team.  Hope you keep improving!”

Michelle Lucas, Director of Property Management

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Will for almost 4 years. Will brings his big smile and infectious personality into the workplace and the day changes for all. We are so lucky Will has chosen Real Estate as a career and it’s spent with us. Will is passionate about Ray White and his love for all he works with is a desirable quality of life.”

Angela Paranchi, General Manager

“Hi Will, working with you has been a highlight of my career! I have loved teaching you how we operate and learning from you as well.  Your infectious happiness, sweetness and confidence remain unchanged over the years. My favorite memory with you is that time you were so excited  to meet my baby daughter Matilda when I brought her into the office for the first time. You truly are the sweetest.”

Jessica Brincat, Head of Operations, Property Management

“Will is just the nicest person you’ll meet and it’s so good having him on the team. Love talking footy with him each week, how are my St Kilda Saints going, and for him, the updates on how his Giants, Swans and Tigers are travelling. It’s so nice to see him in the office every week, and how keen he is to get to work and help out. Proud to call him a friend. “

Geoff Allan, Senior Sales Advisor

“Will is a breath of fresh air! He is always smiling, warm and loves to have a chat. Always goes out of his way to say hello and see how you are. We love his football banter and the energy and fun he brings to the team. Over the past 3 years I have noticed he is more confident in the work environment and loves taking on new challenges.”

Kristy Lee, Executive Assistant to Geoff Smith

“Will, I’ve only known you a few weeks but your smile and personality are infectious! You light up the day when you walk in, you take the time to walk around and catch up on how everyone is going, and the stories about you and your mum baking always brings me joy. Love your hard work and dedication to the job, and can’t wait to see how you evolve more as a sales assistant.”

Lauren Bailey, Client Services Manager to Bernard Ryan

“Will is always so happy and friendly. It was so helpful and fun to have him support us during an auction a few years ago.  He is helping more at open homes now and has always remained such a nice guy. Will, you are the most genuine person —  going around and nothing seems to upset you. You make our days more enjoyable when you are around.”

Chris Girling, Senior Sales Advisor

“Hey Will, I love your infectious energy and the first thing you ask me every time I see you ‘How are the roosters going?’ Also, can’t forget our Sunday swim down at Balmoral. There is something about you that has improved a lot over time and it is your sales skills. What hasn’t changed is the two hellos and goodbyes I get from you before you head off. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face every Wednesday morning!”

Lewis Adams, Senior Sales Advisor

“I love how Will brings positive energy into the office every time he comes. His smile is contagious! Thank you Will for always making us happy, helping us each week and for the multiple hugs. We truly do love having you as part of the team. Your ability to read situations has improved a lot over the past 2 years and has been incredible to watch!”

Makayla Smith, Client Services Manager

“Will, I still remember when you first supported our in-house auction a few years ago, you thrived with your confidence, sense of belonging to the team and the pride to be involved. It is beautiful to see how much your confidence has improved and how your positive attitude and smile remain unchanged.  We are truly lucky to have you in our team and we are so proud of you! Keep up the good work mate!” 

Benoit Guittonneau, Senior Sales Advisor

Will is friends with every single person in the office. He remembers everyone’s name! I love getting his weekly cuddle in before open homes every Wednesday! Love that he is always just as smiley and friendly as ever.”

Gemma Simons, Senior Sales Advisor

“Like everyone here at RWLNS I look forward to catching up with Will each Wednesday. He’s always up for a hug when we greet first thing in the morning, and another hug when he leaves in the afternoon.”

Ross Nesdale, Sales Advisor

Thank you Will for visiting us in the PM office, you certainly light up the room with your presence and I am always on the lookout for you to say hello when I hear you are around. So many people in this office appreciate you greatly. Keep being you, legend!”

Camilo Soza, Property Manager

“I remember coming into the kitchen one day not feeling the happiest and without saying anything Will knew to give me a hug. He brings everyone together, reminding us to always be kind and inspiring us to do our personal best. Will, thank you for being the coolest!  I can’t wait to have a big party & celebrate your Birthday!”

Penrose Chew Lee, Senior Support Officer, Projects & Developments

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