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Helping our clients Laura & Romin

By Kyrenia Blanshard

The data tells us that the average Australian might partake in a real estate transaction once every seven years. This was not the case for former Lower North Shore locals Laura and Romin who moved a few times in over four years, buying and selling homes and investment properties along the way.

They participated in multiple transactions in a matter of months with various parties involved: tenants, property managers, selling agents, vendors and buyers. It boggles the mind to describe the swift series of transactions they were involved in.

Their property manager, asset manager and sales agents were all part of our team here at Ray White Lower North Shore Group. Not by design, entirely, but the results speak for themselves.

There’s no greater endorsement than delighted clients, especially those who have experienced a vast array of the team’s skills from asset management to tenant selection, sales and marketing through to purchasing and preparing a home for sale.

Now, anyone who has sold or leased or bought a property can attest that any one of these individual transactions has the potential to be stressful and conflict-addled. Think exiting schedules for tenants, inspection times for buyers, market price fluctuations, and the dreaded act of moving house. These are all potentially agonising activities, but Laura says it was masterfully managed by the one team.

“When we moved out of our Mosman apartment, we decided to keep it as an investment for a period before eventually moving back in. We rented it automatically through Ray White Lower North Shore Group primarily because they knew the building so well.

“During that experience – over 2.5 years with two sets of tenants – it was minimum effort for us. We found Ray White Lower North Shore Group to be proactive, their people skilled, their processes systemised and even their choice of tradespeople was exceptional.”

The couple have had their fair share of experiences with real estate professionals, both in Sydney and in their native United Kingdom.

“When we made this series of property transactions over a short timeframe, they did a lot of juggling and we always felt that they had everything under control – which meant one, or many, less things for us to worry about.”

Not only did they lease with our office, they decided to sell with us too.

“We are so confident that our agents Benoit and Bernard left no stone unturned. They have great lead management processes, sophisticated technology and integrity. We were surprised that they even took on our property, as it was a unit under the price bracket of their regular house sales.”

“Over the course of several years, we have found our asset manager Matthew and his team to be persistent and patient. For example, on one occasion we weren’t convinced of a particular prospective tenant that came forward, so the team kept looking until they found an amazing local woman, days before Christmas.”

Laura says that her experience with our team has been a slick operation all around.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team to anyone in the area looking to rent an investment property or to sell a property.

If you would like to talk to Matthew about a property that you would like managed or, if you’re looking to sell and would like to discuss the market and your requirements, please contact either Benoit or Bernard. 

Matthew Downes
+61 437 271 095
+61 (2) 89694141

Bernard Ryan
+61 408 408 509
+61 (2) 8969 4119

Benoit Guittonneau
+61 416 514 010
+61 (2) 8969 4168

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