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What’s the journey with us like as a Landlord?

By Michelle Patterson

We get asked a lot about how we’re different from any other agent or how do we help our clients manage their investments successfully. There are many steps involved in the journey with us as a Landlord and at Ray White Lower North Shore Group, our goal is to ensure they have full transparency around what happens at every stage.

Clear communication and setting the right expectations is a key element to a successful relationship with our clients, so we encourage our Landlords to ask questions and let us know if there is anything they’re unsure of. It is a long and varied journey for each investor and as such, we continue to educate them at each step along the way.

The difference between us and our competitors is that throughout the journey, the following ethos is applied at every stage:

Investment management – We know that no two investments are the same and our management style reflects this. We manage an investment as if it were our own or a family member’s.

Education – We are proud real estate industry experts and professionals. It is our job to make sure our Landlords understand their obligations and we don’t simply act as the message bearers or middlemen – we are educators and asset managers.

Wealth creation – This investment may be a business or an emotional investment that holds a lot of sentiment. Regardless of why they have invested, it is our role to maximise wealth creation by generating high rent returns, minimising vacancies and spending money wisely and when needed.

Tenant experience – We also know that without tenants, the investment cycle does not exist. Whilst the Landlord is our client and we work for them, the tenant experience is at our forefront. Happier tenants are more likely to stay long-term, which increases the success of their investment strategy.

If you’re interested in working with our team and finding out how we can help manage your investment, please get in touch.

Michelle Lucas (Patterson)
Head of Property Management  – New Business
0403 830 538

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