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The Resident, Sophia Ly

By Kyrenia Blanshard

This month we chatted to Sophia Ly from Mosman. Previously a dress-maker and stay-at-home mum to three children, she’s now probably best known to locals as the head honcho at Nosh Plus, a very popular takeaway coffee and pastry shop in Mosman/Cremorne.

She shares her local favourites with us, why she loves living in Mosman and tells us all about her new venture, “i.lovebutter” – delivering delicious butter pastry goods to your door for you to bake masterfully at home.

You could have lived anywhere, why Mosman?

Everything just falls into place as life does. I came here and had a five year plan with the intention of opening Nosh+ and introducing the community to amazing pastries. But 6 years later, I found myself settled. Never thought I’d want to be here long term.

Because my children love the place so much, I also started to feel “ah this is indeed a very nice bubble to call home”. For now, anyway, my dream was always to be in the South of France.

So Mosman over Montpellier. Why?

This may sound cocky, but I do like the Lower North Shore bubble. With that said, I love how it’s very family-orientated, especially with raising three kids. I need to be in a slow pace demographic environment to act as a reminder I too need to slow down and be present.

Pretend Nosh+ doesn’t exist, best place for caffeine?

Of course, my all-time favourite – Heirloom Specialty Coffee and Chris from Open Circus. Seriously you can never go wrong with these guys.

And for a feed?

Well, I like to get around and eat in as many different places as possible. But the one place I often find myself in is The Hunter Bar, great canapés, kids know to find me there (sad, but justified) and I can wheelbarrow myself home after too many cauliflower popcorns and vinos.

Any local hidden gems you’d be kind enough to share with us?

I am a big fan of good bread and any carb, with that in mind I love a great sourdough loaf from Berkelo, Mosman.

And in terms of home, we do sell real estate after all, what’s the best room in your house?

I used to think time in the bathroom is my private sanctuary, but for some silly reason, it is also the time that kids want to talk to me. So, I recently discovered sitting in my car out the front of my apartment is far more peaceful. No one wants to ask me anything there:)

Describe your ideal weekend, Sophia 

The novelty of waking up in the morning and having someone make you coffee. I love waiting patiently for my coffee and breakfast to be made at one of my many fave hubs. Or if I bribe my kids enough, one of them will run down the stairs to fetch me a coffee and deliver it to my room. Then comes the ultimate slogan “kids, what do you guys want to do today?”

And it all goes downhill from there 🙂

Finally, what’s the thinking behind I.lovebutter?

i.lovebutter (ILB) was launched with the goal of introducing the way we think about our early morning routine. “Breakfast used to be the most important meal of the day, but in the fast-paced 21st century, the home breakfast has lost its way. and so ILB was born to refresh the home breakfast.

I believe the day should start from the moment you wake up, not when you dress up. Why wait till the end of the day when most of us are tired from the challenges of your daily routine?

We believe that breakfast is the new dinner!

ILB allows Lower North Shore families to purchase ready to bake your own croissants and cinnamon scrolls to bake at home. It’s also a bonus to have freshly baked pastries!

If you would like to taste it yourself, order Sophia’s buttery goods to your door, visit

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