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The Resident, Charles Hill

By Clare Barker Wells

This month, our Resident, Charles, lives in Mosman and is the Founder and ‘Editor at Large, Blogger and Podcaster in Chief’ at The Glass Half Full Community (GHFC) Foundation, a not for profit, not for revenue initiative in support of raising awareness and reducing stigma associated with mental health related issues, especially in todays’ workplace.

Since 2017, The GHFC has been supporting leading mental health authorities such as Black Dog Institute, Beyond Blue, Gotch4Life, RUOK? and Lifeline through communicating research updates alongside the latest in media technology including GHFC Blogs, Podcasts and Editorials in on-line business publications such as, all easily accessible via the GHFC website. We asked Charles to tell us a little about himself: 

As someone who has had ‘lived-in’ experience of bullying, intimidation, harassment and discrimination in the workplace I could not just sit back and let my experiences fester deep inside, instead I came up with The Glass Half Full Community, which as it turns out has not only proved to be very supportive to so many in the community, but also cathartic for myself.

I am also enthusiastic about the value of ‘Reconnection,’ especially since the ‘Disconnection’ resulting from covid. So much so, that recently I reconnected with 11 former students from 40 years ago, resulting in the publication of their recollections in a book, titled ‘40 Years On – Career Stories’.

The purpose of the book being to provide reassurance to students of today, simply by serving as a point of reference for everyone to fully appreciate that although they may embark on a set career path in their late teens or early twenties, it does not have to be life defining. What is most important is the ability to regularly take stock of where you are; ask yourself are you being fulfilled; then make adjustments to suit. That is exactly what these former students did, and life has worked out pretty well for them all.

You currently reside in Mosman, how long have you lived here and what do you love about the area?

I first lived in Mosman in the late Eighties, sharing a semi in Holt Avenue, before marrying and buying an apartment in Spencer Road. My wife, Vicki, and I then spent 3 years in Melbourne until my work brought me back to Sydney, initially in Carter St, Cammeray, where we began to raise our two sons Cristian and Andrew, until the ‘siren call of Mosman’ reached out and drew us ‘home’.Needless to say, we ‘love’ all of Mosman, with special emphasis on Balmoral Beach.

Anything you don’t love?

There is absolutely nothing not to love about Mosman!

Can you share with us your favourite spot for a coffee in the area?

Without doubt ‘Crumbs Café’ on the corner of Cabramatta and Military Road. Barista (and owner) Alan is the best barista in all Mosman (or so he’s told me every morning for the last 10 years!) Seriously, his coffee is the best, as are his ‘regulars’ who always have a smile and a cheery good morning, regardless of covid, economy downturns or another Wallaby loss…my kind of place.

And for a feed? We can’t go past Balmoral Bathers Bistro as our ‘GO TO’ restaurant for special occasions or to take overseas visitors. This summer we have a particular full schedule off visitors escaping the UK, so we will be frequenting the Bistro on many occasions. Lucky us!

And how about retail therapy?

Any favourite shops? Not my ‘go’…however Vicki will undoubtedly say ‘Curve’ Boutique in Mosman High Street! I can’t complain as Vicki always looks a million dollars in everything she buys from Curve.

Any local hidden gems you’d be kind enough to share with us?

Not so much a hidden gem, but my favourite, either on my own, or again with visitors from overseas, is the F6 Ferry service from Mosman Bay to Circular Quay! Guaranteed to clear the head and re-focus the mind…and the views…say no more.

What’s your favourite room in your home?

I actually have 3: the Family room (hustle and bustle good to be alive area); the Sitting room (peaceful and serene, also a haven to relax in front of Test Cricket, Rugby Tests and V8 Supercars!); and the Cabana aka ‘my man cave’ (back to nature, the birds singing, the cicadas chirping then the occasional breeze cooling things down).

Describe your ideal weekend in the Lower North Shore…

Just to be clear, my weekend is Sunday which starts with breakfast, full English off course for myself and our two sons, something more healthy for Vicki…followed by a walk at Balmoral… a full on grocery shop at Woolies on Rangers Road…relaxing in the garden, reading, swimming, whatever it takes…finishing off with a few cold ones while ‘driving the BBQ’ (steaks, sausages, and Teriyaki marinated chicken tenders, SO Australian!!

Finally, we understand that you have a treasured photograph in your home in Mosman, of you with probably the most recognisable person in the world. What’s that all about? Your sources are very good! Well, my most memorable experience was to actually meet the Queen! I was just thirteen and Her Majesty was helping our school, (St Bartholomew’s GS in Newbury, England), to celebrate its 500th Anniversary. I was part of the farewell group, being a representative from each School Year, to which she engaged me in conversation, eventually causing me to break with protocol, and ‘point’ in the direction of where I lived…much to the delight of the then Minister for Education, one Margaret Thatcher.

Find out more about Charles and the Glass Half Full foundation here:

The GHFC website –

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