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Deriving income through intelligent property investing

Experience the premium property management results provided by Ray White Lower North Shore Group.

The art of achieving an optimal return for investors in the Lower North Shore by:
  • Knowing when to sell to realise capital gains PLUS
  • Knowing how to market a rental to achieve maximum yield PLUS
  • Identifying and vetting exceptional tenants PLUS
  • Committing tenants to timeframes that align with the landlord’s plans for the property PLUS
  • Developing a property portfolio strategy for each investor

EQUALS Delivering strong passive income potential aligned with your wealth goals.

“Our property manager at Ray White Lower North Shore Group has been exceptional in leasing my new apartment – he gives great advice but is never pushy, goes above and beyond and genuinely cares about getting the best outcome for his clients. As a first-time landlord, I really did my research and he was a standout. I listed with him despite the selling agency offering to show tenants through the property weeks before settlement, and could not have been happier with my choice. He found me great tenants within 24 hours of settlement, was really patient and kept me informed every step of the way. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have already recommended Ray White Lower North Shore Group to several family members, and wouldn’t go to anyone else when my property needs to be re-listed.”

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We’re known for our ability to deliver for investors on the Lower North Shore through:
  • Deep market knowledge via 70+ team members across three offices who work collaboratively
  • Analysis of weekly trends on renter behaviour, sales opportunities and yield trends and potential
  • Proactive personal service, accessibility and availability, and a deep commitment to outcomes
  • A thorough working knowledge of property law relating to investments
  • Partnering with our sales team to ensure the best return for divested investment assets,

Which means treating your investment property like it is ours.

“Our property manager at Ray White Lower North Shore Group is amazing! She has outstanding communication skills and kept us extremely well informed. She also found us a tenant within 1.5 days of listing our property! She is extremely knowledgeable of the market, confident & determined. This made it very easy to trust her and her advice. She took all the stress out of renting our property and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her. We are extremely grateful for everything she did for us. We highly recommend her & look forward to working with her again in the future.”

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Our commitment to continuous improvement, not “set-and-forget”:
  • Consistent proactive communication and reporting, tailored to your requirements
  • No tolerance for rental arrears and regular proactive communication with tenants
  • Seamless issues management using sophisticated technology and reliable tradespeople
  • Periodic reviews of sales values and rental potential for all investment properties
  • Immediate accessibility to your investment team and sales experts to value assets

“Ray White Lower North Shore Group has managed our property for over 10 years and has done an excellent job of finding high-quality tenants. They are also very responsive in regards to tenant maintenance issues and any other issues related to property management. They also provided excellent advice on how to improve the property for rent. Excellent value.”

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Read what we did for Laura and Romin…

The data tells us that the average Australian might partake in a real estate transaction once every seven years. This was not the case for former Lower North Shore locals Laura and Romin who moved a few times in over four years, buying and selling homes and investment properties along the way.

They participated in multiple transactions in a matter of months with various parties involved: tenants, property managers, selling agents, vendors and buyers. It boggles the mind to describe the swift series of transactions with which they were involved.

Their property manager, asset manager and sales agents were all part of our team here at Ray White Lower North Shore Group. Not by design, entirely, but the results speak for themselves.

There’s no greater endorsement than delighted clients, especially those who have experienced a vast array of the team’s skills from asset management to tenant selection, sales and marketing through to purchasing and preparing a home for sale.

Now, anyone who has sold or leased or bought a property can attest that any one of these individual transactions has the potential to be stressful. Think exiting schedules for tenants, inspection times for buyers, market price fluctuations and the dreaded act of moving house. These are all potentially agonising activities, but Laura says it was masterfully managed by the one team.

“When we moved out of our Mosman apartment, we decided to keep it as an investment for a period before eventually moving back in. We rented it automatically through Ray White Lower North Shore Group primarily because they knew the building so well.”

“During that experience – over 2.5 years with two sets of tenants – it was minimum effort for us. We found Ray White Lower North Shore Group to be proactive, their people skilled, their processes systemised and even their choice of tradespeople was exceptional.”

The couple has had their fair share of experiences with real estate professionals, both in Sydney and in their native United Kingdom.

“When we made this series of property transactions over a short timeframe, they did a lot of juggling and we always felt that they had everything under control – which meant one, or many, less things for us to worry about.”

Not only did they lease with our office, they decided to sell with us too.

“We are so confident that our agents Benoit and Bernard left no stone unturned. They have great lead management processes, sophisticated technology and integrity. We were surprised that they even took on our property, as it was a unit under the price bracket of their regular house sales.”

“Over the course of several years, we have found our asset manager Matthew and his team to be persistent and patient. For example, on one occasion we weren’t convinced of a particular prospective tenant that came forward, so the team kept looking until they found an amazing local woman, days before Christmas.”

Laura says that her experience with our team has been a smooth operation all around.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team to anyone in the area looking to rent an investment property or to sell a property.”

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